Shopee User Feedback From Seller

This is some bugs and suggestions for the seller platform as a seller I’ve been trying to pass to Shopee team, but unfortunately there’s basically no way I can reach them, the live chat (in the app) and the email usually just get me a reply from a customer support that only able to provide me generic copy-pasted solution which is not working nor helpful at all. The feedback form with 200 characters limit certainly isn’t useful as well. (If you want feedback why limit to such little text characters, it can’t even contain any constructive feedback at all.)

Most of the issues revolve on the Shopee chat system and the Sub-account features, overall I think the Sub-account features is great as it’s start to turn Shopee into a more suitable selling platform for business rather than just individual / casual seller, but if below issues can be improved it’ll certainly be more useful, here’s the breakdown of them:

1. Live Chat Function On Shopee

The live chat function on shopee has been unstable recently with problems like delay messages, messages not being sort properly, new messages not pushed to top, seen messages goes back to unread.

Please fix “Last Active Recently” please consider making last activity showing on seller based on last reply, there’s been many times customer complain “seller online but not reply” but when we not actually in front of PC but just letting the website stay open, these create bad user experience for buyers and also making hard for seller to explain.

2. Live Chat Function On Shopee Sub-Account

There’s really nothing to talk about this, Shopee encourage us to use Sub-account to better manage our shop, but in reality the whole chat distribution is a messed, here’s what’s not working:

1. HUGE delay in the livechat server, sometimes it just not receiving message at all.

2. Annoying and Misleading [System message] of “XXX have joined the conversation” and “The conversation has been automatically closed.”

*Regardless of seller / staff is actually online this message make buyer think we always online 24/7, and they expect us to reply because they “think” we’re online, but when they don’t get reply most customer get a sense we’re ignoring them or we’re slow or having bad customer service.

**The automatically closed message is even worse, say if a buyer send message at midnight, and the message are closed without us response, in morning we’ll just see the message as closed and skip it (Look at below screenshot)