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This email validation service is NOT data enrichment services, it is meant to validate your email (also know as email list cleaning) to find out email addresses that are safe to send and remove the one that are likely to bounce.

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What is this service about?

I help people to upload their CSV files to my Emailable account and validate the list with my own credits at a discounted rate for you, because I purchased bulk volume of the credits at a cheaper rate.

Most people purchase this service as an addon for my Apollo export service, where I clean the list export from Apollo, however you can also order this directly by providing email list of your own.

Typically to validate a list of 10,000 email directly with emailable it will cost you around ~$54.8 at the rate of 0.00548/email.

However, since I purchase large amount of credits at bulk volume pricing and resell them for you as a service, it will only cost $20 for you to validate 10,000 email with me, or $0.002/email which is 63.5% discount of official pricing.

My Service Pricing

  • Flat rate $0.002 per email, min order $10 per list
  • Example #1: 10,000 email list = $20
  • Example #2: 23,500 email list = $47
  • Example #3: 5,700 email list = $11.4

*Please note that the minimum $10 is per list.

How to Order and What Do You Get

To place an order it’s simple:

  • If you are purchasing this services as an addon from my Apollo export service, you don’t need to do anything, I will validate the CSV files exported from Apollo and send you both the original files and validated files
  • If you want me to validate your own email list, you can send me a CSV files, make sure there’s no multiple columns containing email address, I do not open your CSV files and check, I will just upload whatever you gave me into emailable for validation

All CSV files that are validated by Emailable will have these columns added:

emailable state, emailable reason, emailable score, emailable accept all, emailable disposable, emailable free, emailable role, emailable tag, emailable user, emailable domain, emailable did you mean, emailable mx record, emailable smtp provider, emailable first name, emailable last name, emailable full name, emailable gender

Usually Emailable will label each of the email validated in one of the following categories:

  • Deliverable – We can determine with a high level of confidence that the email address is associated with a valid account.
  • Risky – Emails seem to be deliverable but should be used with caution due to low quality or deliverability.
  • Unknown – The domain associated with the email address is not responding, meaning we cannot determine the validity of the email account.
  • Undeliverable – We can determine with a high level of confidence that the email address is not associated with a valid account.

If you want to learn more about each state and reason:

See an example of emailable validated CSV file:

What are the validated files

Usually after emailable done validate your CSV files, I will send back to you 2 CSV files, for example if you send me the file named apollo-contacts-export (26).csv then you will get back 2 files named:

  • apollo-contacts-export-26-maximum-deliverability-2023-06-14-10-54-26.csv
  • apollo-contacts-export-26-maximum-reach-2023-06-14-10-54-33.csv

If you want to learn what are the difference between them here’s another post I’ve written:

Why Use Emailable for Email Validation?

Since I started Apollo Export Services, many of my clients have requested me to help them validate their email list too, so I thought I could offer one as a cheaper alternative since I am already a heavy user of Emailable and buying bulk volume of credits.

I did a benchmark of accuracy to compare multiple email list cleaning services some time ago in another marketing blog of mine, and concluded Emailable to be the best option in terms of accuracy and cost effectiveness.

If you check on their reputation you can also find that they are getting great reviews in many SaaS review platform when compared to other list cleaning services, also featured as High Performer in G2.

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  1. Joseph made it easy for me to get more than 20,000 email addresses from Apollo and check them in only one day. I’ve been sending 100 emails every weekday for a week, and I’m already getting good replies. I would recommend his services if you are into email marketing.


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