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Balanced Cryptocurrency Portfolio for the average investor


In this blog post, I’ll be talking about one my favorite cryptocurrency portfolio that I think is best for the average investor, it’s idea is simple, easy to apply, and the best of it? It works. As you can see from above chart if you invested $10,000 into the balanced portfolio you would’ve to attain $219,491 at the end of the year, which yield 2,194% of return, 160% more when...

Bitcoin: Is it time to buy the dip? Let’s see.


Overall The price is now reaching the support range at $6000~6050, which previously took more than 5 attempts (Daily chart) to break through, now we’re going to retest this support once again and see if it able to hold. For long-term investing perspective, this would be one of my buying levels, given if the price could hold after several tests and a sign of reversal with bullish volume...

SegWit2X Canceled, but I sold my SegWit2X Coin!


Tell me this is not part of the price manipulation master plan, this is not the first time we see stuff like this, news, event that trying to divide the Bitcoin community, bashing the price. Later the opposite kicks in, ban canceled, hard fork canceled. These dramas have been driving Bitcoin price up and down, but if you’re wise enough to analyze the beneficial from different parties, these...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Consolidation after a new all-time high at $7354


We’ve hit the new all-time high $7354 and volume climax of a bull run that is close to a hefty 37% gain in just 12 days since our last low price $5453! This is such a crazy gain, congratulations for anyone who’ve been with me on the ride! Now it’s time to contact that Lamborghini dealer that accept Bitcoin, and get a new Huracan to celebrate with! JK :/ Overall analysis...

Why I believe Bitcoin could hit $8000 before 2018


Today the largest options and futures exchange based in Chicago, CME Group made an announcement of launching Bitcoin Futures, right after the announcement Bitcoin get a boost to set a new all-time high $6420 on Bitstamp, less than 48hours before the 6318 all-time high. technical analysis We’re now clearly in an upward trend, and if we could stay within the channel it’s likely to see...

Joseph Yap Boring Investor