About Me

Hello! I’m Joseph Yap from Malaysia, currently, self-employed at my digital marketing company seenlyst.com. I also trade Bitcoin, stocks, and currency as an interest, what I really do is boring long-term investing, such as investing in index funds, value stocks, REITs, which is what everyone should be doing.

I’ve been to college for about 2 years, then I left to focus on my now defunct marketing-agency business. Although I dropped out the of college that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped learning, or should I say I devote even more time in learning after that by taking courses or MOOCs online, reading skills-advancement books, as well as learning practical skills from my real-life businesses.

What’s next?

My current plan is to acquire as much knowledge in investing and business as possible, in the next 2 years, which is right until the year that I’m supposed to be graduated from college, as a way to convince myself that I didn’t miss out or left behind of anything.

Why do I blog? 

I found that blogging is a good way to relieve stress, plus I could able to find like-minded people to have more in-depth discussions on issues that we commonly interested in. I’d also like to share stuff or knowledge I think is valuable, you know, ideas that worth sharing like Ted, LOL.